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Q: What is the Yuen Method™ of Chinese Energetics?

A: The Yuen Method™ is an energy healing therapy and alternative cure that has been developed to offer accelerated and oftentimes instant relief for chronic and acute, physical pains and ailments, as well as mental and emotional struggles and conflicts by making you energetically strong to the root causes of any of your given issues.

Dr. Kam Yuen developed this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts, as a 35th generation Shaolin Master, structural engineering, chiropractic medicine, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy. Thus, the Yuen Method™ is a blend of Qi and Shen Gong Chinese energetic techniques, quantum physics, anatomy, structural analysis and physiology.

The Yuen Method™ allows the practitioner to apply this blend of techniques by tuning into your physical body and subconscious mind to intuitively identify the root causes of your issues. Further, energetic principles of martial arts and quantum physics allow the practitioner to apply focused intention to instantly eliminate these root causes. An intention is a thought put into action, a thought that becomes energy, thus energy shifts energy.

Q: How and why does it work?

A: The premise of the technique is that your body functions much like a computer -- you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given stimuli. Your energy either supports or fails to support anything and everything that exists -- all tangible things, non-physical phenomenon, thoughts, memories, traumas, past experiences, money, people, concepts, foods, colors, etc.

Through the use of applied kinesiology and muscle testing, you can actually feel what is on and what you are strong to or what is off and you are weak to. The root causes of your given issues then are identified as anything that your energy does not support or anything that has had a negative influence on you which turns a part of you off. This could be on any level of consciousness -- physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, or spiritual.

Pain, for example, may be a sign that something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body. Some negative influence may be the root cause having a weakening effect on you, and your body's systems may not be functioning properly, or they may be shutting down or stagnating.

Instant relief can be achieved because the technique allows the practitioner to intuitively identify the weakening influence and instantly correct it with intention. Then once you are strong to that influence, your mind can relax, your body and your body's systems turn back on, and you automatically heal yourself.

The weaknesses are found and corrected in layers, similar to peeling layers of an onion. Thus, the process is repeated until the pain, ailment or mental or emotional issue has released.

Q: Does the Yuen Method™ work for everyone?

A: Yes. Everyone has negative influences that affect them, and everyone can feel a difference once they have been strengthened. However, each person may perceive the shift differently, depending on his or her level of receptivity, willingness to change, and readiness to choose to feel better.

Q: How can it help me?

A: The Yuen Method™ can help your mind and body heal itself by making you strong to the underlying negative influences that may be affecting you, which you may not be aware of.

·It can help you if you have ANY physical pains or ailments that have yet to be resolved -- if, for example, you have suffered from years of chronic pain, cancer treatment side effects, or an imbalance of your internal systems.

It can help you if you have anything affecting you on a mental, emotional, psychological, psychic or spiritual level that is beyond medicine and therapy that you know is off balance.

It can help to strengthen and rejuvenate your body and systems, reverse aging, and achieve better fitness.

It can help you in all of your relationships and family and business matters by strengthening you for good communications, understanding, and clarity, helping you attract and create what you want.

It can help strengthen you in financial matters and finding your purpose in life, making you strong to all that you want out of life and helping you to actualize your full potential.

It can make you strong to the constant bombardment of thousands of incoming influences on conscious, subconscious and other levels whether they are through frequencies, TV, from things you read, other people's energies, collective consciousness fears, stresses, environmental toxins, etc.

Q: Why would I choose the Yuen Method™ instead of something else?

A: Because Western medicine may have failed you.

Because you may be reluctant to use an alternative method of treatment that involves physical manipulation, taking outside substances, meditation, and / or psychological treatment.

Because healing the body is more about releasing negative influences and strengthening the body to heal itself rather than adding something to it like medications, herbs, supplements, and the like.

Because other alternative techniques may not actually get to the root of your issue, only addressing it to a certain degree, leaving you in pain or imbalanced.

Because you have a choice to eliminate your pains and ailments versus just managing them.

Because it's convenient; it can be done remotely over the phone, so it's available to anyone anywhere.

Because, in the end, it may save you lots of time and money.

Q: Are Yuen Method™ practitioners "intuitive healers"?

A: No. They are people like you. They just have had focused training in the Yuen Method™ as a tool to assist the body in healing itself. Intuition is something we all have; most of us just haven't been taught to use it in our day-to-day lives.

Q: Can anyone learn the Yuen Method™?

A: Yes. Anyone can learn the Yuen Method™. The learning process is relatively straightforward, using a series of simple steps. It does, however, require practice and dedication to retrain the mind to use intuition.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites or is it necessary that I have a background in health care?

A: No. There are no prior requirements or prerequisites. Students from all different backgrounds and walks of life take the workshops. And there are many who have never done any kind of healing work before, including retirees, schoolteachers, and lawyers as well as those who have -- medical doctors, dentists, and veterinarians.

Q: Why would I take a workshop?

A: Because you have choice in how you take care of your health and life.

On a daily basis in all situations, you can make yourself strong to negative experiences and incoming subconscious influences so that life becomes easier without stress or struggle.

You can use it on yourself, family, friends and pets to help them get healthy and as preventative health care.

You can use it at work or as a component of the professional services that you offer.

You can pursue a new career by getting trained and certified.

Once you learn how to use it, you will have it as a tool for life when all else fails.

Q: Does the Yuen Method™ have a complete program?

A: Yes. Yuen Method™ offers a complete Certified Practitioner program. There are three levels -- each of which is offered as a full weekend workshop: Basics Level 1, Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 3.

If you wish to get certified, you must complete and repeat all three levels, and then intern at three weekend workshops, one of which must be a Basics Level 1 class. Once you take Basics Level 1, the Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 3 can be taken in any order. Also, you do not need to complete Levels 1 through 3 before reviewing them. As long as you have taken a class, you may review it at any time.

You must also document 100 hours of practice session work. This can be Yuen Method™ practice group time, one-on-one sessions, or working on yourself. Documenting the 100 hours is best done in a journal format, noting the date, time, issues and corrections you made and the outcome. You can then enroll in the 4-day Certified Practitioner program.

The Yuen Method™ will also offer four other continuing education courses: Advanced Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Instructor in Training and Certified Instructor.

Q: Can I take just one workshop?

A: Yes. If you just want to learn the technique to use for yourself and friends or to add to the other work you do, Basics Level 1 is all you need. It will give you a tool you can use for life for your day-to-day challenges and more.

Q: Why would I continue onto Levels 2 and 3? What else would I learn?

A: You would continue to learn in more depth and detail how to address specific ailments and issues such as chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, eyesight problems, allergies, and weight loss in addition to how to work on health conditions for pets, strengthening for prosperity and abundance, and much more. You would also learn how to be more efficient by utilizing techniques for shortcutting the method.

If you want to get certified as a Yuen Method™ practitioner, taking each of the three levels is required. You will receive a different manual for each workshop, helping you to perfect the method.

Q: How many people teach the workshops?

A: Only Dr. Kam Yuen and a few other certified practitioners. However, Dr. Kam Yuen is the only practitioner teaching the 4-day certification workshop.

Q: Once someone is certified in the Yuen Method™ does that permit them to teach it?

A: No. Dr. Yuen personally selects practitioners he feels are qualified to pass his work on and teach it to others.

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