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Do not miss this opportunity to change your mind, body, and spirit!

transform your life instantly on all levels:
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The Yuen Method is an energetic technique that has taken 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple healing. Combined with western knowledge The Yuen Method is a blending of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong Training. Dr. Kam Yuen D. C. developed this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts as well as being a structural engineer, doctor of chiropractic and studying nutritional therapy and homeopathy.

This touch-free method retraces and explores the imbalances that create conditions.  It finds the root cause of these symptoms and eliminates them restoring balance and leading to instant results.

The premise is that your body functions like a computer – you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue. Pain is a sign that something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body. Humans are multi-faceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness. The Yuen Method™ works to make sure that all levels of consciousness are congruent so that pain may be eliminated immediately and goals attained.

Dr. Yuen was granted the title Grandmaster of Shaolin Tai Mantis Kung-Fu by his peers and has been featured on the covers of numerous martial arts and natural health magazines. He is featured as a living legend of the martial arts in the World Black Belt Organization by WorldBlackBelt.com. Dr. Yuen is a world-renowned teacher of Kung Fu and for over a quarter of a century, specialized in medical and fitness qigong as a basis for the Yuen Method. Dr. Yuen is a pioneer and a foremost proponent of Chinese Kung-Fu even where there was no representation of this art in the USA. Over thirty years ago, he was selected among martial artists to be the advisor and stunt coordinator of the original Kung Fu TV series. He has appeared on the Jay Leno Tonight Show with David Carradine and has been featured on various TV programs such as Hardcopy, Extra, Strange Universe, and "E", as well as countless radio shows.

Some well known people and celebrities Dr. Yuen has consulted are: Mrs. Martin Luther King, Stevie Wonder, Dick Gregory, Robert Deniro, David and Keith Carradine, Seal, Steven Seagal, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield, Dan Millman, Louise Hay, Rev. Michael Beckwith, and famous former L.A. Dodger player and master golfer Maury Wills, as well as various L.A. Dodger players.

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